West Bromwich Albion

How do you achieve more for less for a Premiership football club?

WBA sought our happy thinking to promote season tickets. Our concept – ‘It’s not just football, it’s life’ – grew from the knowledge that, for many season ticket holders, Saturday football isn’t just about the game. It’s a reason to meet with friends and spend time with the kids: sharing the excitement, the noise, the ritual. And it is a ritual. People often meet at the same place, visit the same pubs, sit in the same seats, week after week.

Keep it real...

Key to conveying this idea in our campaign was capturing images of real fans, on match day, showing the feel-good nature of a Saturday in football season. The photographic style needed to be gritty and to capture the moment, it forms a key element of conveying the message. We wanted to move away from the use of the team and their performance to sell the club as with the Baggies this can be very hit and miss.

Graphical Elements

We also wanted to ensure that we had some key graphical elements, to lift the project. So a lot of time was invested in developing the typeface and other graphical elements. They work together to create a feel that lifts the whole project.


The second main element to our project was the commercial need to push fans to renew their season tickets online. The club had previously relied on return postage and data input – and this had to change. So we designed a process to solve the problem, reducing cost for our client and faffing for fans with an easy-to-access online renewal system.


Bostin … we exceeded online renewal targets of 85 per cent registering on-line.

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