Royal Life Saving Society

How do you bring fun into a serious subject such as drowning prevention?

Aimed at children, our challenge was to get some important, life-saving messages across. Welcome aboard Perry & friends. We asked them to be the faces of Drowning Prevention Week. Our interactive, multimedia campaign encouraged young people, parents and facilities staff to have fun while doing some potentially life-saving learning.

The Birth of Perry

We love this sort of project and key to its success was clearly understanding the target audience, key messages and then developing a methodology to convey the message. Perry was the perfect vehicle for this as he allowed us to take some very serious messages and turn them into a fun discussion, games and much more.


The integrated campaign reached 5.5m people through advertising; attracted 120,000 people to events; achieved national coverage for Drowning Prevention Week, represented by a fivefold increase in PR value from the previous year; and enticed ten times the number of visitors to the campaign website. And we’re proud to say that thinking is already underway for the 2014 campaign.

National leaflet campaign

'Spot the dangers' activity sheets for youngsters

Bringing Perry to life

We wanted to engage the target audience and felt that by animating the character and giving him some friends we could get the message across more effectively. This resulted in our little animated video and some simple interactive games for the website which we felt would help adults convey the safety message in a more dynamic way.

We have been delighted with the standard of work received from Happy Giraffe and couldn’t be happier that we chose them to work on our Drowning Prevention Week campaign. Through their creative and innovative ideas, we have been able to produce a strong campaign identity with attractive, fit for purpose resources that have been incredibly well received by the general public and our members.

Karen Welsh, Marketing Campaigns Manager, RLSS

Wordpress reskin

Applying the creative to the website was a key deliverable as a lot of the interaction was designed with web in mind. For this project we had to quickly apply the design to the clients existing wordpress site. Our skilled team of developers was able to ensure that all of the creative interaction worked smoothly across all platforms.

All new ExpressionEngine CMS using responsive css framework

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