How do you teach children the value of money in a fun and engaging way?

Anyone with children knows the importance of this. Personal Finance Education Group (pfeg) is the UK’s leading financial education charity. It provides resources and lesson plans, help and advice to anyone teaching children and young people about money.

Listen up and get involved

Happy Giraffe was asked to come up with a visual identity and information architecture for the organisation’s five-year, ground-breaking project – What Money Means – run in conjunction with HSBC. Aimed at primary schools and based on practical experience gathered while teaching personal finance education, we had plenty of information to work with. However, how to get your average four to ten-year old to listen up and get involved?


Having put much thought and creative hours into thinking about this, the final answer was simple. We tapped into our inner child to create a bright, engaging identity that used lots of colour, illustrations and impactful typesetting that teachers could work with and children would respond to. Teaming up with a fantastic copywriter, we created a winning combination that set the right tone when applied across a full range of teaching support materials.

Resource packs

pfeg was delighted by the final identity and materials, as were the users of the resource packs – both teachers and children (not to mention the parents who will be benefitting as well know that their little ones appreciate what money means just that little bit more!)

Thank you for everything you have done to promote the cause of financial education for young people.

Tracey Bleakley, Chief Executive, pfeg

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