Ormiston Education

How do you ensure an organisation shines independently of its parent company?

Successful in its own right, school improvement organisation Ormiston Education needed to step into the sunshine alongside related, but separate, Ormiston entities.

Research and Workshops

This project demonstrated the need for through research, brand audits and lively brand workshops, which we always enjoy carrying out. We wanted to get inside the minds – and, even more importantly, the hearts – of the people involved with Ormiston.

We quickly saw that the key to crafting Ormiston Education’s new brand lay in articulating what motivated its staff to do the excellent work they do.

We believe in...

The strapline ‘We believe in’ became the vehicle through which we conveyed the efficacy, care and innovation in Ormiston Education’s work. It allowed us to engage with staff and others with a stake in the organisation. From there the brand storytelling and emotional connection came easily.

Visually we needed instantly ‘gettable’ design, so we developed a strong colour palette and bold statements and icons to engage onlookers. We deliberately kept Ormiston Education’s website technically simple, allowing the brand story to take centre stage.


A memorable brand that stands up all on its own and resonates soundly with its exacting audience: headteachers and academy principals.

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