How do you position a UK engineering company on the global stage?

FMA is smaller than big-name original equipment manufacturers, but in brainpower terms it stands as tall as them all. Impressed by FMA’s ingenuity in bringing clever solutions where most OEMs offer only packages, we were delighted to get on board to raise the company’s profile even further into the big league.


Jimi Hendrix Rules

After a brand workshop and extensive research, we developed the brand essence ‘Unconventional Wisdom’ which beautifully sums up FMA’s status as pioneering and unique. We then added the Jimi Hendrix Rules (using some choice lyrics) as a way to talk to potential clients about a) the approach FMA takes and b) what makes it different within its market.


It all revolves around bringing the best solutions to the project and combining them with unique ways of working. Visually, we developed market sector tangram icons - neatly demonstrating FMA’s approach of seeking out the most fitting solution and bringing it to life.

Concept work

Unconventional wisdom

‘Unconventional Wisdom’ now lies at the heart of the brand, carried through into every touchpoint – from stationery through PowerPoint to website. We also shot some striking portrait photography needed to ensure FMA’s new brand reflects the skills of the people whose wisdom shapes the solutions it provides.

Guidelines to ensure the future use of the brand and its story

The result

A delighted client poised for the approved supplier lists of several major contractors.

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