Dudley College

How do you ensure hands-on learning is as valued as academic study?

Dudley College is the place for vocational study which, in the eyes of some, plays second fiddle to academic pursuits. We were asked to hop on board and lead Dudley College’s brand into an exciting new era – one in which apprenticeships and skills training are credible options for the very brightest students.

Initial illustration ideas


Understanding the history, heritage and vision of the college formed the bedrock of our relationship with Dudley. Asking endless questions and getting to know the catchment area were revealing activities: we had to determine what kinds of perceptions existed in order to break them down.

Hands on Thinking

The future we – and our client – envisaged was going to be very different, and the new brand needed to lead people confidently towards the new vision. Our initial thinking focused on creating a positioning statement; one that would underpin all visual branding. After much debate we proposed ‘Hands-on thinking’ accompanied by ‘Since 1865’. These statements heralded Dudley College’s new offer while giving an approving nod to its heritage, which dates impressively back to the Industrial Revolution.

Thinking and Doing

Visually, we developed a style to illustrate the fact that many of the college’s subjects demand a miscellany of skills - both ‘doing’ and ‘thinking’ skills. Our campaign messaging revolved around bold statements which emphasised the potential of starting one’s future career at Dudley.

Our new imagery features real students showcasing their vocational skills and demonstrating the possibilities open to others. On an information architecture level – to use one of those important-sounding phrases from our industry – we simply ensured both students and their parents were equipped with lots of useful information in an easy-to-read-and-understand format.

From good to outstanding

A bright, busy future for Dudley College, its Learning Quarter (which we also marketed) and generations of students whose eyes are opening to the bright possibilities of skills training. And a continued happy working relationship with the Giraffes.

Apprenticeships promotions

Happy Giraffe have not only brought exciting, fresh design and creativity to our campaigns, they have also helped us develop new identities and manage their position within the college brand.

Jane Williams, Dudley College

Outdoor media campaign

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