How do you develop a loyalty drinking app whilst still promoting responsible drinking?

We enjoy a good challenge and this fully functioning concept project proved both a strategic challenge and a technical one. The key elements revolved around geo-specific tagging, push notifications and database interaction. All nice meaty subjects to get our digital team chomping at the bit. Our first task involved clearly mapping the process from both a user perspective and from a technical interface perspective. This enabled us to hone in on the user experience.

Process mapping

In addition, we needed to ensure that how the application was updated by bar staff would be as easy as possible and, of course, tamper proof. Sending push notifications when customers were near key locations with key offers was the start of the process. Points could then be added when buying drinks using a staff lanyard with specific code added and then a free drink redeemed when a certain number had been purchased. Simples.

Responsible drinking

A number of safety elements were programmed into the application to prevent over use and to promote responsible drinking.


The second phase involved designing a lip-smacking interface to tempt the punters. This was achieved with icons and strong colourful graphical elements adopted and adapted from the parent brand. The results were a stunningly designed concept application with full functionality and the ability to link with existing applications. Cheers!

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