How do you convince businesspeople to try a relatively new hotel chain?

Campanile belongs to Louvre Hotels, Europe’s second largest hotel chain. But not many people knew that, so Campanile asked us to get more businesspeople into bed (so to speak). Given a seductive offer (£29 rooms) we used strong data and irresistibly clickable HTMLs to persuade punters that Campanile’s deals are worth signing up for.

Compelling offer plus digital back end = success

Creating a compelling offer, visual style and effective digital back end systems, underpin the success of this digital project. We spent a lot of time on developing a creative style which could get the core message across to the target segments, both business and weekenders. The creative needed to capture the essence of the brand and push the offer.

Hand drawn to the finished artwork

Completed email template design

Digital delights

We needed to drive business and sell rooms, so good quality data was a key component. With over one million records and campaign sends of over three million it was critical to get the set-up right. Meticulous attention to detail, from data sourcing and segmentation through to data capture and the final email template itself, were all carefully managed and controlled. Analysing the data, segmenting it based on opens, clicks and purchasing history helped to build a very strong data set and maximize purchases.

Once we had built and tested the core templates to ensure usability and correct data capture we were able to move onto the creative design.

Hopping mad

Our creative execution centered around an illustrative look and feel aimed at bringing the offer to life. Our approach was to focus the creative and offer on simple visual messages using strong colour.

Device crazy

As the project has developed we have extended our focus to mobile and tablet compatibility. Here we have ensured that the core message is strong and that we can capture results and measure success.

Beautifully designed for mobile

The result

A stunning return on investment for Campanile, which took new bookings worth over 26 times its spend with us. We’re saving money for our client too: our standout creative means Campanile’s email ‘cost per open’ rate has more than halved.

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