How do you convince the world that fine dining is possible on a hospitality scale?

Run by illustrious chef, Stephen Saunders, and catering entrepreneur, Sean Valentine, Aspire is dishing up fine-dining food on a mass scale. Happy Giraffe was hired for a brand blitz: to make the unbelievable believable.

The art of hospitality

After undertaking research and running our brand workshop we felt that Aspire treated food with the skill of an artist. Each dish was a masterpiece of creative taste.

We realised the key to unlocking this project lay in the thinking that underpinned our new strapline, ‘The art of hospitality’. Prospective clients needed to know about Aspire’s unrelenting attention to detail and obsession with taking fine dining into the corporate hospitality market.

Handrawn elements for the new brand

Letterheads and business cards

Inspiration, preparation and exhibition

We distilled Aspire’s magic into three elements: inspiration, preparation and exhibition. And then our creative team took these elements forward visually into brochure, pitch documents and the Aspire website, with simple yet dynamic illustrations.

Storyboarding for HTML5 web animations

The illustrations highlighted Aspire's obsession with food as a delicacy and something to be both visually appealing and something to be enjoyed.


A strong visual identity and corporate strategy for a rapidly growing company that is making waves (not microwaves) in the hospitality industry.

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