Which brands rock your world?

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Richard Branson has posed an interesting question to me (and however many other thousands of people read his blog.) Would you care if brands didn't exist? Well, yes as a brand agency we certainly would.

But the question is posed off the back of a Havas Media Group study that claimed the majority of people would not care if 73% of brands ceased to exist - based on the brands’ benefits for human well-being (individual and collective) as well as on a business level.

This has been termed ‘meaningful brands’ by Havas. And the study compiled a top ten of global brands based on a Meaningful Brand index (MBi) framework using 13 measures such as financial, physical, intellectual, social and community. It all makes for interesting reading and indicates that those brands that will survive and truly achieve consumer attachment are those that make the emotional connection - that have ‘belief’ and ‘trust’, inside and out, upside down. In other words, stay true to their brand values and promise.

It’s not surprising that Richard Branson has highlighted this study in his blog. Virgin itself revised its own brand values after 40 years to include more on its corporate social responsibility and impact on the planet.

The brands that will thrive in the coming years – both financially and in terms of their impact on the globe - are the ones that have a purpose beyond profit.

Meaningful Brands

All sentiments we have voiced time and again. However, we thought there was a simpler way to think about this. Which brands rock your world?

Having undertaken a quick straw poll here at Happy HQ, there was consensus that Innocent Drinks pretty much stood out when it came to most of the points made in Richard's blog and on the Havas study. Just take a look at its Chain of Good - tastes good (best fruit possible); does you good (live well, die old); does others good (10% profit to charity = £5.4m so far). For us, it ticks all the boxes in the MBi.

But perhaps, more importantly, is how the brand managed to retain its integrity and values following the founders' decision to sell shares to Coca Cola back as far as 2009. Many Innocent fans were concerned where this would lead. But the founders were quick to stress that Coca Cola was committed to the brand's values and ethos and would remain a 'silent partner'. Since then, Coca Cola has invested further in the company. Has this been detrimental? Far from it. Some 15 years into the Innocent story, the brand is in 15 countries, has served over two billion portions of fruit and veg and donated £5.4million to good causes. And it's stayed true to its commitment to 'leave things a little bit better than we find them.'

We've worked with some awesome brands and helped create brands that, whilst may not all be on a global scale, are certainly 'meaningful' and therefore have impact - both financially and on individual/collective well-being. These include our work with UNICEF UK, Basepoint, Family for Everychild and PfEG to name but a few.

So let us know which brands rock your world.

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