TK Maxx - keeping the brand promise?

A thought from TK Maxx - keeping the brand promise?

I watched with interest the Channel 4 Dispatches programme last night on discount outlets - namely TK Maxx and Bicester Village. Firstly, as a devoted TK Maxx shopper and, secondly, from a brand reputation point of view. It was interesting but not particularly shocking to be told that some of the 'bargains' that consumers believed they were getting may be too good to be true.

This is as a result of the company’s (TJX Europe) use of ‘own’ brands, designer ranges specifically made for sale in its stores and ‘human error’ on price labels where RRPs and Current Season claims have allegedly been incorrect.

Does this mean I will no longer shop at TK Maxx? In short, no. That’s because fundamentally I do not believe that TK Maxx has broken its brand promise to me - ‘Big labels, small prices’ and ‘Always up to 60% less’. As a consumer, I make a series of judgements in my purchase decision. Do I like the garment/product first and foremost? Does it suit me/meet my requirements? Is it of a quality that reflects the price and vice-versa? I also buy in the knowledge that the company has a no quibbles 28-day returns policy and I’m protected as a consumer.

Yes, I have been swayed by designer labels and big discounts on RRP in past purchases. But have I walked away from the store feeling pleased with my purchase, chuffed that I have paid a fair (if not glorious) price for a product and, above all, that I will not see a dozen other people wearing the same thing (which I cannot help but feel happens with purchases from Next, M&S, etc)? Damn right!

Importantly, TK Maxx appears to have addressed the issues raised in the programme on its website - one of the first rules of keeping your brand integrity, COMMUNICATE!

So, thank you Dispatches for opening our eyes to these practices. I will take note of which 'labels' are own brand and perhaps look more closely at RRP claims. However, TK Maxx will still remain firmly on my shopping list.

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