Time to Face the Final Curtain?

A thought from Time to Face the Final Curtain?

You may have recently heard that a video has emerged of Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s boss, saying a blubbering goodbye to an arena of employees shortly before waltzing off to the Dirty Dancing track, Time of My Life. Steve has always been known for his outlandish behaviour continually startling both employees and customers around the globe with his famous bouncy entrances into stadiums and enthusiastic (to say the least) speeches.

On the other hand, Steve Ballmer, now in his 14th year of his Chief Executive role with Microsoft has also had a lot of criticism for holding Microsoft back so much so that big competitors e.g. Apple and Google amongst others have fast-tracked ahead to success leaving Microsoft scratching their head about what went wrong.

Don’t get us wrong – Microsoft are still very successful company and Steve did oversee very successful products (e.g. XP) however when you realise that back in the day, nobody could catch up with Microsoft in terms of innovation and competitive share, it does make you wonder.

With the recent launch of products such as the Surface and software such as Windows 8, the question has to be asked as to why their products aren’t as innovative as they used to be. When Microsoft do innovate they usually do so in an “over the top” sense so much so that customers find it extremely difficult to use the product as it is a vastly different experience from the former version e.g. Windows 8 and when they don’t innovate, they just tend to copy their competitors (e.g. Bing Ads/Bing Ads Editor). There is never an in-between.

Perhaps the personality of Steve Ballmer is shining through in the products Microsoft are releasing. Perhaps Microsoft is the huge ship that has gotten so big it’s difficult to steer but one thing’s for sure; in order to continue, they are definitely going to have to start changing the way they do business to avoid facing the final curtain. Let’s hope Steve’s replacement is ready and waiting to take this challenge on.

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