Socially Secret: #NoFilter.

A thought from Socially Secret: #NoFilter.

It happens all the time, you walk into a pub full of people and occasionally conversation stops then suddenly people are drawn to the warmth of their phone. They’re probably checking Facebook, Twitter or even Tinder. But why do we feel this need to share everything and put our name to it? We’re constructing this fake personality that we desperately want people to believe. It’s our filter from real life.

While the social developers of the world rally round to think of the next big social network to encourage our filter from reality. Two people questioned that very premise. What if we didn’t need a filter? What if we truly were ourselves? In walks Secret, the new app that’s got everyone spilling their guts, anonymously. Sparked from an idea developed by David Byttow (previously Google and Square) to encourage anonymous feedback, Secret has now got users everywhere declaring their love, hate and airing all their secrets.

What if we didn’t need a filter? What if we truly were ourselves?

Byttow joined forces with Chrys Bader to push Secret that bit further. But how do you convince people to express themselves in a world where they are more concerned about how they look online then how they look in the mirror? Apparently by eliminating profile photos and names (of course!). You sign up by downloading the Secret app (currently not available in the UK) which uses your telephone number to automatically connect you to your friends that are also Secret sharers. You never know who you’re actually connected to, just that they’re in your phone book. You never know who’s liking your post or who’s commenting either. Just complete anonymous bliss.

Speek freely, be yourself and write beautifully. The Secret mantra.

You can attatch images to words too

Let the classic Good vs Evil battle begin…

The cynic inside me is screaming about trolls and cyber bullying but the little girl who lives in a world full of unicorns and fairies truly believes that this could be used for good. Imagine if you could anonymously send a message to your friends, what would you send? Have you ever needed that extra encouragement but too scared to ask Facebook or Twitter? It’s definitely going to be interesting to see the responses people have. But ‘Byttow and ‘Bader are convinced that with Secret the social filter can disappear and you can really be yourself. Isn’t that what we all want anyway?

So what does this mean for marketing? Well it’s no secret that brands are using social media networks more than ever nowadays and the power of anonymity means people can say whatever they want without being hung and quartered. Secret will essentially act as the new mystery shopper by getting people’s views without them actually knowing. But with great power comes great responsibility. Who will exploit it and who will use it for the greater good? In my opinion the better question is when will Facebook buy it? I for one can’t wait to find out.

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