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Do your customers love your brand? I’ve waxed lyrical for many a moon now about the importance of creating an emotional connection between your brand and your customers.

And, as it’s Valentines Day, I felt the urge to explore a little more just why we all fall in or out of love with our favorite brands. So on re-reading Kevin Roberts’ ‘Lovemarks: The Future Beyond Brands’ it once again resonated with me.

The whole essence focuses on how to use the power of love to connect individuals to products and services. It’s no good being simply admired or even to be seen as the best - true connectivity comes from and through the things we love. With loves comes enduring emotional connection, a lifelong affair difficult to break down.

So how do you create a brand that people will Love?

Kevin argues that you must build ‘respect’ first and foremost. It’s the foundation upon which true love is build. Without this, it’s a fleeting romance that will not last the test of time.

Then you must add the three main ingredients to build a love brand.

1) Mystery – We all like a bit of intrigue. For brands, it’s a great way to keep the relationship interesting. 2) Sensuality – This is how we create lasting memories. 3) Intimacy – Close encounters, social interactions - we all like to be intimate. It helps us to feel connected.

Since Kevin first shared his thinking back in 2006, advances in the internet and social media have unleashed whole new ways of mixing these ingredients and dishing up a winning recipe.

Just think about the brands that you love. For me, Apple does it every time. From my first glance of the original groundbreaking and now iconic iMac through the store experience that still remains pretty unique today to the unspoken bragging rights that having the latest Apple product brings, the brand has me hooked.

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