If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It!

A thought from If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It!

Have you ever noticed the look of pure happiness from a Size 10 person walking away from a Weight Watchers class wearing skin-tight clothing having lost several stone after a number of tough weeks/months of dieting & exercise? They finally reached their goal after pushing themselves and can now reap the awards of being content in that bikini or just the fact that they can begin to eat what they want again.

As with the Weight Watchers person above, you also have put a lot of work into your business. You’ve probably worked long days and nights thinking about your product, building it, designing it or procuring it never mind designing your website and all the other tasks you have to do in the typical running of a company. Now that you have a good product, why shouldn’t you show it off and reap the rewards i.e. lots of sales!?

Enter Google Product Listings, perfect for Retail companies. If you have a good product, be it clothing, baby products, gadgets; then why not show it off? With Google Product Listings you can now appear in Google Shopping paid listings alongside your competitors. Best part of it – it’s VISUAL – perfect for those searchers online who need images to entice them to your site instead of the typical AdWords/organic text ad.

We’ve noticed that sometimes normal AdWords campaigns do not convert for certain retail clients however since testing Google Product Listings conversion rates are so much better, as are CPCs! All you need to setup is a data feed which most people can actually get automatically through their website or if you don’t have this, you just need to create it manually which isn’t as painful as it sounds. Google have laid out clear instructions of how to do this here. You then need a Google Merchant Centre account and hey presto, you’re off! We run a lot of these campaigns for our clients so if you need help, then just ask. So go on, reap your reward today!

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