Back to the future branding for TSB

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Lazy creative or inspired thinking? The relaunch of TSB as a 'new' face on the high street.

It stopped me in my tracks when I spotted our local brand in Stourbridge. Mainly as I was cast way back in time as it really did look like a 70s throwback - same logo (well, maybe tweaked a little), very similar interior decor and I could swear that they are the same staff behind the open counters. TSB was my first bank (except the New Street, Brighton branch) where my pocket money was safely stashed most weeks.

But whether the whole trip down Memory Lane and building on the 200 year old heritage will do the trick in tempting back customers (apart from the 4.5m customer transferred automatically from Lloyds TSB) is another thing. The £30m spent on an integrated marketing campaign should help a little. But that has already met with mixed reviews. Plus the website issues on launch day didn’t help - OUCH! Also, couldn’t help but notice that the London branches look a little swankier than our local ones up here in the Midlands. Watch that space!

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