AdWords at Christmas? Ho, Ho Ho or NO, NO, NO!!

A thought from AdWords at Christmas? Ho, Ho Ho or NO, NO, NO!!

Christmas is a funny time for PPC. For some businesses, it’s the busiest time of the year with enormous peaks in sales & where accounting graphs shoot through the roof (albeit remembering we’re coming out of a recession). For others it’s the quietest time of the year and when the marketing department begin to shut up shop to enjoy a glass/bottle/s of wine with family for the festive period.

If you have a Google Account Manager, this is usually the time when they’re on the phone either 1) trying to get you to keep your campaigns live 2) trying to get you to increase budgets or 3) strongly urging you to keep your ads live over the festive period. The main motive of these calls are so that the Google Christmas revenue spike which happens to them annually is not marred by a dip in other accounts going offline.

What we advise here is that you do what’s right for your business because it’s not the same for every business. Typically however it is similar for businesses in a comparable industry.

| For point number 3 above however, Google can actually have a valid argument. A lot of people switch their campaigns off on the 24th, if not earlier, and then resume again in the New Year. If you’ve never tested being online over the Christmas period, you could really be missing out. Bear in mind, over the Christmas period, people are chilling out at home, are sometimes bored, may have received money as a gift AND they have new gadgets to play with such as new iPads, laptops etc. Absolutely perfect for online browsers/searchers. What’s the benefit to you as a business? As a lot of companies switch off that means CPCs are lower and conversion rate can, at times, be higher. Also, if your campaigns have been offline for over a week over Christmas, it can take your campaigns a few days in January to go back to how they were performing before – a problem if January is another key time for you. As our Christmas gift to you, our 3 recommendations would be as follows:

• If you haven’t tested the 26th Dec – 2nd Jan time period before, give it a go. It may surprise you! • Test your ads on different devices e.g. mobile so as to capture those lazy searchers on their new phones  • If you’re not comfortable having all campaigns live, either only set the key ones live or build a new Christmas campaign with its own budget and with the products you’re aiming to sell along with festive ads where appropriate.

Maybe even offer a Christmas discount to stand out!

If you have tested Christmas performance already and it hasn’t worked for you, then this is the time to kick back, relax and have a nice glass of mulled wine. It’s been a busy year – you deserve it and it is Christmas afterall!

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