Brand Strategist

David Cooper

David’s our Managing Director for many good reasons: his first-class degree, IoD qualification and host of other awards, were mere springboards to a formidable career that features MD positions in both the private and public sectors. He writes extensively on branding and in particular has developed the concept of Brand Psyche. David has worked for over 20 years at strategic level and has advised many brands on their strategic direction. He does this using a consultative style that focuses on research, facilitating and advising. David’s works with diverse organisations from start-ups to blue chip clients and have included - Carlsberg, Cooperative Energy, Campanile Hotels, LHH, Signet Group, to name but a few.

We describe David as an ideas man and both a creative and strategic thinker: driving qualities that helped us secure Happy Giraffe’s place as a RAR Top 100 agency. David’s down-time features photography, fitness (he’s run over 100,000 miles in training competing at national and international level), carp fishing and watching the King of Cool.

I love brands that tell stories and make a connection on an emotional level. I seek out excellent customer service - and brands that do this well are the ones to which I stay loyal. So for me three stand out for this: Apple, TAG Heuer and Audi. I also admire clever copy, advertisements that make me smile, fun ideas and real people.

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