Our Approach

We are a tower. A collective of diverse brand specialists who share a single obsession - brand. Some of us dream in Pantones, some think maddeningly in straplines and others obsess at a pixel-level detail. We’re brand strategists and doodlers and marketers and creatives and business brains and digital geeks. And we all love brand, using it as a powerful tool for transforming our clients’ businesses …


Research, Understanding and Insight

Without research you are working in the dark. For us the starting point is always a review of where you are now and how your brand is seen by the people that matter to you – your customers.

We tailor our approach to gain this Insight. We conduct brand audits, run focus groups, conduct surveys and run workshops. We research from our desks and we research in the field.

Research leads to understanding and insight, without it you are compromising your strategy and the creative.

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  • Brand Audit

  • Focus Groups

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Staff Surveys

  • Market Research

  • Customer Surveys


We work with senior teams and boards to clarify and develop the strategy against agreed business objectives. We facilitate discussion and debate to ensure you move forward with focus and with direction.

We run brand workshops, develop positioning statements and clarify your mission and values. Clarity about your brand promise is key. Oh and yes we come up with BIG ideas aimed at helping you transform your business.

The strategy stage is where Happy Giraffe’s shining background in business transformation rides gallantly into view. Our team of brand strategists deliver real impact, no smoke no mirrors just sound business strategy.

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  • Brand workshops

  • Positioning platforms

  • Business planning

  • Brand story

  • Vision

  • mission

  • values

  • Brand essence

  • Naming

  • Strapline


Identity Design

We use our creativity to develop a unique brand identity focusing on your core brand elements and how they work at the corporate level to tell the brand story. We create a brand architecture to reflect the nature of your product and service offering and ensure that the brand translates across all media.

Powerful brands have brains as well as good looks, so while our designers work their magic with palette picking, artwork, font types and logo creation they are also mentally composing fugues and channelling competing ideas on perturbative string theory and post-Keynesian economics. Well, OK … no.

But the point is, we continually consider meaning and connectivity. We’re always thinking about how each element can work hard, alone and collectively, to tell your brand story and fulfil your strategy.

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  • Logo design

  • Brand architecture

  • Photographic and visual style

  • Copy Language

  • Tone of voice

  • Icons and design elements


We work to design and clarify all your key customer touchpoints.

Design agency fluff-speak calls this collateral. Real people might call it stuff. We’ve settled on touchpoints because this is where your streamlined new brand elements emerge from the drawing board as real, tangible things, websites, stationery, literature, signage, giveaways.

No matter what is needed to convey your message resonantly to customers, we will lovingly, exactingly design and deliver every last detail.

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  • Websites

  • Printed Collateral

  • Stationery and business cards

  • Audio visual materials

  • Video

  • Events and Stands

  • Advertising


Launch and Campaigns

We work to ensure that your brand is understood and launched both internally and externally through integrated campaigns that deliver real results and ROI.

Years of experience and some pretty rigorous training have taught us what is effective for both internal and external launches, as well as how to manage impactful ongoing campaigns. And then? We’re here for as long as you need us, helping your brand to flourish, to grow, to evolve.

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  • Campaign Planning

  • Campaign creative

  • Digital campaign implementation

  • Campaign delivery

  • Campaign reporting and ROI

  • Media Buying